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Quick Fix: Pressure Reading No Longer ‘Locks’ On Display

Sometimes the reading will no longer remain in position on the dial due to loose dust or dirt that has made its way into the mechanism. Fortunately, this can be easily and quickly remedied by unscrewing the valve stem and removing the loose dust.


Please consult the diagram while following the steps outlined below.

1. Unscrew the rubber hose section from the valve stem, as shown in the diagram (the pressure may make this quite tight, so you may need to use pliers to get a stong enough grip to unscrew it.)

2. Tap the open ends of the valve stem to remove the 3 internal elements (spring, white/clear disc and black disc)

3. Once the internal elements are removed, blow inside each open end of the valve stem to remove any loose bits of dust or dirt.

4. While blowing, press and rotate the pressure release valve button to remove any bits of dust/dirt trapped underneath it.

5. Once all dust has been removed from inside the valve stem, replace the three internal elements as shown in the diagram. It is important that these are replaced in the same order they were positioned initially.

6. Securely screw the hose section back onto the valve stem, ensuring an airtight connection.

7. You pressure gauge should now hold a reading again.

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