Tyre Pressure Gauges

Our durable tyre pressure gauges are precision-engineered to provide highly accurate pressure readings. All gauges come in a robust, outer casing, and without the need for batteries will last for many years of use.  Our Schrader pressure gauges are perfect for cars, motorcycles, vans and trucks.

Perfect for: 

  • Garages and professionals
  • Home use



  • Robust steel construction and gear-style protecting casing
  • 360° rotating head for easy use from any angle
  • Pressure reading ‘locks’ in place until reset valve is pressed
  • ‘Glow in the Dark’ feature allows easy use in low-light conditions.
  • Reduce pressure in over-inflated tyres

Why buy it?

Stay safe on the road
Ensuring your tyres are properly inflated is essential for staying in control of the road.
Save money on fuel
Fully inflated tyres are more efficient than under-inflated tyres. Keep them topped up to keep your fuel costs to a minimum.
Reduce wear to your tyres
Under-inflated tyres wear significantly faster than inflated tyres. Extend the life of your tyres by keeping them properly pumped up.

What our customers say.

"It does what it says on the tin"

"Easy to use. I recently ran over mine by accident whilst moving my motorbike and it still works! Don't rely on the psi indicator on your compressor, use one of these."


"Well-built, accurate and easy to use"

"Solid product and works well. Great value and provides an accurate reading. Would buy again!"


"A very good gauge"

"I must have used about 10 of these types of gauges over the last 40 odd years and after a while they all seemed to fail. Wanted another to add to my digital cycle one that is still going strong but takes a while to use. This looked great was well priced and all the reviews were good. Initially had a slight problem but that was solved with good customer service. Very happy with this good quality guage. As this was initially for my motorcycle and always carry it on the bike i might get another one for my car. A def. 5 stars."


Ready to grab your tyre pressure gauge?